Branding & Print

Logo Design

The idea of a logo design should have a memorable image that will define and set you and your company apart from your competition. Your brand is your company’s true identity and shows who you are and your values.

Logo’s are an important element of a web graphic designer. They are the most difficult creations to perfect. The correct balance, color, typography are the only way to create a successful logo (ideogram). is meant to represent a company’s identity. Logos give an instant representation of your business. For example, Nike swoosh and McDonald’s golden arches. We all know what those logos represent.

Print Design

Print designs are used in several methods including business cards, brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines and billboards. Basically anything that can be printed is print design.

Creating print designs have certain rules that make the art of it tricky in order to be successful. A couple of these rules are called “the rule of thirds” and “above the fold”. The rule of thirds if more for advertising and photography as the above the fold pertains more towards newspaper printing. No matter what your project is, we have all the rules in mind to making your print ad successful.

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