About Us

8 Up With Graphics has been creating brand messaging and marketing for companies in central Ohio since 2002. Since then, we have broadened our services for our clients throughout all of Ohio and beyond.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the only way we can stay in business and we are sure this is the same situation your company strives on too. Therefore,  we are focused and driven to work our absolute hardest for your company.

Our experienced staff wants your company to have the greatest performance and most effective strategies to keep your customers satisfied.

8 Up With Graphics is a full-service marketing staff will help your company by gaining buying visitors that keep coming back. We will help your company’s presence on the internet get more traffic with more profits. Your website will stand out and be aesthetic for all of your customers to maneuver easily throughout it.

8 Up With Graphics team stays on top of the always-changing world of Internet marketing and the changes made by top search engines. We adjust our strategies in order to help our clients when these changes are made. The adjustments we make will keep your website boosting with sales and continuing the relationships with your valued customers in the most effective ways possible.

We are all pieces of the pie that make up a whole. Our creativity is the start and your success is the end result.

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